NZCF Glossary of Terms

There are many different abbreviations used within the NZCF. Below is a glossary to assist Cadets and their parents/caregivers.

The abbreviations for the NZCF Ranks can be found on the NZCF Ranks page, under Info for Cadets/Guardians.

AAArea Advisor
ACArea Coordinator
AC(C)Area Coordinator (Central)
ASOArea Support Officer
AResArmy Reserves
ASST COMDTAssistant Commandant
ATCAir Training Corps
ATCANZAir Training Corps Association of New Zealand
ATPAnnual Training Plan
AWOArea Warrant Officer
CAChief of Army
CAACivil Aviation Authority
CACCadet Advisory Council
CAFChief of Air Force
CCANZCadet Corps Association of New Zealand
CDFChief of Defence Force
CFMCadet Forces Medal
CFOCadet Force Orders
CNChief of Navy
CUCDRCadet Unit Commander
COMDT Commandant New Zealand Cadet Forces
COCommanding Officer
CFTSUCadet Forces Training and Support Unit
DFODefence Force Orders
DFTTsDry Fire Test of Training
DGRFYDDirector General Reserve Forces and Youth Development
DPTADrill Purpose Training Aid (the wooden, green rifle cut-out)
DPMDisruptive Pattern Material
DRFYDDirector Reserve Forces and Youth Development
FS Field Service (refers to the headdress “FS Cap”)
FSDField Service Dress (uniform)
GPGeneral Purpose (uniform)
GSMEACGround, Situation, Mission, Execution, Admin & Logistics, Command & Signals (a briefing technique)
HQ NZCFHeadquarters New Zealand Cadet Forces
HQ NZDFHeadquarters New Zealand Defence Force
IACEInternational Air Cadet Exchange
JIsJoining Instructions
MSCMountain Safety Council
NCONon-Commissioned Officer
NZANew Zealand Army
NZCCNew Zealand Cadet Corps (Army Cadets)
NZCFNew Zealand Cadet Forces
NZDFNew Zealand Defence Force
OICOfficer in Charge
PFPersonal Files
RFRegular Force
RNZAFRoyal New Zealand Air Force
RNZNRoyal New Zealand Navy
RCORange Conducting Officer
SAASenior Area Advisor
SECOSection Commander
SCANZSea Cadet Association of New Zealand
SCCSea Cadet Corps
SDARService Dress All Ranks
TFTerritorial Force
TOETSTest of Elementary Training Skills
USCUnit Support Committee
WNGOWarning Order
WOCAWarrant Officer Central Area
WOCFWarrant Officer Cadet Forces
WODFWarrant Officer Defence Force
WONA Warrant Officer Northern Area
WOSAWarrant Officer Southern Area
XOExecutive Officer
S1Business Support Manager
S2NZCF Information & History Officer
S3NZCF Current Operations Officer
S5NZCF Future Operations officer
S6NZCF Communication and Information Systems
S7Training and Education
S8Training Assurance and Compliance / Inspector General
S9NZCF Civic Liason Officer