Forms & Notices


Warning Orders (notices) and permission/medical forms for unit activities:

General Unit Internal Forms:

Activity Warning Orders & other documents:A

NZCF Forms

Official NZ Cadet Forces Forms:

A Guide to CadetNet pg52-57 – how to log in for the first time

NZCF 8 Course Nomination and Medical History – rev 17APR18 (If you are having trouble filling in the NZCF08, try saving it your desktop and then filling it out. Alternatively, you can print it off blank and fill it in by hand. It MUST be scanned or brought in hard copy, photos will not be accepted).

NZCF 2 Cadet Initial Enrolment Form

NZCF 26 RNZAF Flying Scholarship and NAC Power Application– rev JUL15

NZCF 26B National Gliding Application Form– revFEB13

NZCF International Exchange Application– rev JUL17 – you will need to enable macros to fill in this form

NZCF 12 Risk Management Plan– Blank

NZCF 11 NZCF Unit Activity Intention– Blank

NZCF Theory Lesson Plan Template– Blank

NZCF Practical Lesson Plan Template– Blank